The Casino Trivia

We have all wanted to enter a casino and understood certain things about the whole place. Be it movies or culture; casinos have managed to be a significant influence at all times. Through time things have changed, and casinos emerged as the party destinations for a whole bunch of reasons. But apart from all the loud gambling and music, there are specific facts about casinos that you might not be aware of. So, to make things clear, here are some facts about casinos.

The World’s Top Casino

Las Vegas is another name that pops in our minds, the moment we hear the word Casino. The place was the go-to spot for all everyone, and things have changed through time. So the top contender right now is Macau in China since it has overtaken the Sin City. Macau has around 33 different casinos and has managed to move ahead of Vegas even in terms of revenue. Thanks to a new outlook and approach, the place might hold the title for a long time.

Top Casino

Lack of Clocks

People who have visited a casino might have noticed the fact that they do not have clocks. This is a tactic that casinos perform, as they want you to stay for a long time. Although this might not be the case for all casinos, most of them continue to function without clocks. Whether these methods are effective or not, depends solely on the individual.

Macau once again

Yes, Macau strikes again, as it has the world’s largest Casino. The Venetian Macao happens to be the largest Casino on the planet and also the seventh-largest building by floor area. So, is Vegas trying to catch up any time soon?

The Slot Machines

In terms of popularity, it is very hard to beat slot machines and video poker. These are the most popular casino games of all time, based on a couple of surveys that have emerged through time. This popularity does not seem to be going down any time soon since the internet has also come up with themes that form a huge part of online gambling.

The Slot Machines

The Citizens of Monaco

Not all facts can be positive since some of them might turn out to be bizarre. One such fact comes from Monaco. The place that is home to the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo has an interesting point to state. Casinos in this place where opened for foreigners and till this day does not allow citizens of Monaco to gamble or play at these casinos. People of Monaco are only allowed inside the place if they happen to work there.

The Word

The word casinos come from the Italian word casa, meaning house. This was initially coined for villas and summerhouses.

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